Boulder Insurance Solutions' mission is to be a full service brokerage for small to medium sized businesses focusing on hands-on, quality client service and account management.

Our mission is derived by direct feedback from clients who informed us that their previous insurance agency was not capable of providing the hands-on service they sought. Clients also shared that they were not satisfied with the overall experience these agencies provided. Our model is to truly fill-in these gaps, and to better meet the expectations of small and medium sized businesses.

In an Industry of Large National Brokers - Boulder Insurance Solutions Focuses On High-Quality Service

Today's business insurance market is dominated by large national brokers that have reached their size by acquiring and merging with smaller agencies. These large brokers use and transition clients to 800-number service centers or focus contact with clerks where there's a lack of focus on the customer and their needs. They show you a generous service team chart and make you think you are getting more "horsepower" in services.  The reality is you don't ever talk to all these team members and they don't know you or your operations so you don't get a benefit in service.  As a result, small and medium sized businesses are calling for local brokerage representation that specialize in attentive customer service and effective account management. This attentiveness, and our commitment to helping customers in every aspect of their insurance, is the cornerstone of what we bring Boulder's small and medium sized businesses.

Owner Brian Jamison has worked for more than 30 years helping businesses manage their risk and take advantage of the best insurance packages available. He earned a BSBA in Risk Management and Insurance and began his career working with Fortune 100 companies in New York City.  He moved to Colorado in 1996 and has been representing companies in the front range for more than 20 years, and in Boulder for the past 18.  Trisha Sands a valuable member of his staff also has over 30 years insurance experience.  Brian and Trisha are involved in every transaction with their customers.

We Apply Sophisticated Risk Management Techniques To Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Boulder Insurance Solutions' philosophy is grounded in the position that risk management techniques should be applied to all businesses, regardless of size. Having lived and conducted business in Boulder for more than 20 years, Brian Jamison has a deep personal connection to the lifestyle, culture and vibrancy that is Boulder.  Boulder's unique and diverse makeup of businesses make it appealing, and top professionals choose to call Boulder home because of its quality of life.  We are Professionals who are ready to serve Boulder's businesses.

This is the spirit of service that Boulder Insurance Solutions strives for. We seek to earn this respect and our professional reputation everyday. We're also committed to helping the Boulder community and small business owners with smart insurance solutions.