We are an insurance broker with a passion for beer – and we’re motivated to help brewers throughout the Rocky Mountain region grow their business.

That’s why we have worked with breweries and companies throughout the Rocky Mountain a trusted provider of insurance solutions and coverage.

Visit our Web pages to learn how we craft solutions that are specifically designed to help breweries protect and insure their business. While some insurance providers just offer a simple note that they can insure a brewery, our entire business is solely focused on the brewery industry.  We use multiple hand selected insurance companies that have a specific niche to the brewery industry.  We also pair an insurance product with hands on customer service that understands your needs.

We’re beer lovers on a mission to help you grow your brewery

– by providing the right insurance solutions

Rocky Mountain Brewery Insurance was formed out of our passion for beer, and our motivation to help brewers with viable, cost effective, well structured insurance programs – specifically designed to protect against your brewery’s particular risks.

Our mission is to help breweries grow – and to specifically focus on risks that are inherent in brewery operations. Today’s insurance and risk management techniques let us specifically design solutions that bring you peace-of-mind. Giving you freedom to focus on growing the brewery and improve operations while ensuring that risks are managed and mitigated.

A Lifelong Love for the Art of Brewing

Brian Jamison, owner, is an avid enthusiast and long-time brewery aficionado. Since the mid-80’s, Brian and brothers Michael and Kevin immersed themselves in the art and culture of home brewing. Their basement was full of brown bottles, wort-chillers, carboys, fermenting equipment, and all of the other items they needed to create some great beer.

That was the beginning!

The passion continues to this day as Brian continues the hands-on learning of the art, and excitement, that comes with producing a great beer. He enjoys visiting breweries, and has toured numerous locations throughout the country as the increase in the number of breweries and brewing culture has grown. It’s a passion that has grown alongside an industry that consistently brings amazing styles and flavors of beer to more and more customers. Today, new breweries are opening and the industry is enjoying real growth. That’s why we formed Rocky Mountain Brewery Insurance: To offer customized insurance solutions that help breweries grow, and the industry thrive.

Risk Management and Brokerage Services that mitigate the specific risks that breweries face

In the brokerage industry we get paid by the insurance companies for bringing them your business.  So we do not bill you on a fee basis or consulting service charge like some of your other vendors.  Our services involve many integrated services, including:

Brokerage Services: Hands-on high touch services

  • Insurance shopping or marketing each year
  • Delivery of standard documents electronically and very quickly
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Auto ID Cards
    • Policies
    • Applications
    • Claims Management – cradle to grave
    • Audit assistance

Insurance Products: Some of more common types of insurance

  • Property
  • General Liability – products liability
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Brewery Bonds
  • Liquor Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Health and Disability Benefits
  • Life Insurance

We also advise and provide solutions that match your needs if you are opening a new brewery.  For example – this can be providing property and general liablity products and then later introducing liquor liability when you are actually producing beer.

Risk Management Services

  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Transfer – Insurance , contractual and other techniques
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Loss Control Surveys
  • Safety and OSHA programs and compliance
  • Cost Containment Programs
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Contract review